January Monthly Meeting
Saturday, January 11 5pm


This month brings some really huge and wonderful milestones! First of all, we now have an online home! Welcome to FreedomForTheFamily.com! During this month’s meeting, we will be discussing this new site and how it was set up, some of the custom CSS and plugins that I am using and I will be introducing you to the new Forums and Members area. As we grow, this will be a great place to keep in touch, stay up to date, build relationships and get a little help.

 Hello England!

The next big news is that we welcome our first international member, Ed Walker. Ed is a resident of Burgess Hill, England. He found me after I commented on Pat Flynn’s Facebook page and reached out to me. We have been chatting online and via Skype for a few days. Ed is already helping us get the next big news thing tested… Google Hangouts!

Meet Online

With the arrival of our first international friend, it became obvious that we could all not physically meet, so we are going to give the Google Hangouts thingy a try. Ed will be visiting with us, this way. Google Hangouts allows us to add several people to the feed, so you can watch and participate from home. We’ll see how it works. In any case, I will see you all either at my home (refreshments provided) on Saturday the 11th at 5pm Eastern or online (no refreshments provided).

Sira Anamwong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sira Anamwong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Poke Around

The Forums and Members Areas are active, up and running. Play around with them. Get your account set up here at the new web site and let’s get ready to have an amazing, liberating 2014!

Keep Moving Upward!

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Saturday, January 11 5pm

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