First Facebook Ad Campaign

Homeschool Connection Facebook LinkI have just launched my first Facebook Ad Campaign as a result of participating in Amy Porterfield’s (@amyporterfield) Facebook seminar.

To arrive at this point, I needed to create a product to sell. I created a product called “Flash Cards for Visual Learners.” I made an ad, a short video and put it all on a new Facebook page. You can see that at Please click the link, find the movie and the ad and take a good look at the whole page.

This is important for those of us who are helping one another here at FFtF. As a result of this laborious series of tasks, I feel pretty equipped to help others do the same thing, advertise on Facebook.

Facebook offers some really powerful targeting tools, giving you the ability to direct your ad to very specific categories of people. I am using this technology to display my new Facebook Ad to Homeschooling women between the ages of 25 to 80 years of age. I will be sharing the results at the June 10th meeting.

Please take a look at the Facebook Ad, fill out the Opt-In and let me know what you think of whole process. Tweet about it, promote it to your Facebook friends and tell anyone you think that could benefit from the FREE Flash Cards for Visual Learners! It is a very short test. After 5/25/14 these cards go on sale for $4.99 per download.

What an amazing process this has been, I can’t wait to share it with you.




2 thoughts on “First Facebook Ad Campaign

  1. Nice Dana! You’ve been busy! The sign up process worked like a charm, I had the cards downloaded in no time. Nice video, it explains the benefits really well.

    Did anybody find you at the convention for their free download?

    Thank you for sharing what you learn, I know where to come for fb marketing help.

  2. Hi Again Dana,

    I just logged into gmail and found my welcome message. Thanks for the he personal video, it’s such a great idea! I think people will really appreciate the interaction.


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