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Hi and Welcome to Freedom for the Family!

This website has been created to support a growing community of members who are looking for a better way to make a living than a traditional 9 to 5 job.

For many of us, this dream germinated from the seed of homeschooling our kids. As homeschoolers, we know how wonderful it is to be free from the schedule imposed on us by the institution of Public Education. That schedule and our job schedules mandate that we must be here or there, go here or there and meet standards that may not apply to what we truly desire for our lifestyles. After finding the freedom that comes with home education, we find one remaining problem… the other spouse is still stuck in a job! Our dream is to help both spouses be at home, enabling them to build and enjoy their wonderful families.

In this era of internet possibilities, we believe that one can not only make a living online, but make a great living online. An online business frees us from trading hours for dollars, whittling away our lives bit by bit, one hour at a time, for the benefit of someone else and usually only meager benefits for ourselves and our families. One of the most obvious blessings of a family is “time together.” If we are shackled to a job, we lose this precious blessing. It’s time for a change.

This site is all about like minded people helping one another achieve our dreams. We are a Biblical based but not religious. Our plan is to work in a Guild style of relationships where members learn a specific discipline such as Facebook Advertising, Twitter promotion or Google Adwords, then share their knowledge with the group during our monthly meetings. There are currently no charges for joining.

You may attend our meetings in South Florida, USA or online via Google Hangouts.

Sign up, explore and enjoy your stay. Let’s help each other get free, in whatever business model we choose.

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